Cold inspiration

July, a beautiful summer day, a totally clear blue sky, I was heading home down the A5. I was in a rush. My head full of things I still had to do before Friday my Manchester fashion Tanda, in 2 days time.

british ironworksA surreal scene caught my eye, a field full of the prettiest iron structures. Intricut gazebos filled the horizon. I drove on, I really didn’t have time to stop…

but the delicate white shapes etched across the blue…? I turned around. iron1

iron5With my camera I headed back towards this enchanted world of shapes and contrasts, light and shadows. The British Ironwork Centre  with their ironwork gazebos

iron4so much inspiration everywhere I looked, and there you see it, a textile design…painted across the stone by the sun !

web peach rose iron gates               ‘Peach Rose Iron Gate’ my first British Ironwork Centre textile design.

I added a couple of roses and I made a lovely swirly asymmetrical skirt and a sexy halterneck top…and I had to make sure they worked on the dance floor,

product development and all that…

dress2                                                     Yes, just perfect to dance in xx




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