Cold inspiration

July, a beautiful summer day, a totally clear blue sky, I was heading home down the A5. I was in a rush. My head full of things I still had to do before Friday my Manchester fashion Tanda, in 2 days time.

british ironworksA surreal scene caught my eye, a field full of the prettiest iron structures. Intricut gazebos filled the horizon. I drove on, I really didn’t have time to stop…

but the delicate white shapes etched across the blue…? I turned around. iron1

iron5With my camera I headed back towards this enchanted world of shapes and contrasts, light and shadows. The British Ironwork Centre  with their ironwork gazebos

iron4so much inspiration everywhere I looked, and there you see it, a textile design…painted across the stone by the sun !

web peach rose iron gates               ‘Peach Rose Iron Gate’ my first British Ironwork Centre textile design.

I added a couple of roses and I made a lovely swirly asymmetrical skirt and a sexy halterneck top…and I had to make sure they worked on the dance floor,

product development and all that…

dress2                                                     Yes, just perfect to dance in xx



Fashion’s Tanda

I’ve been getting lost in beautiful fabrics.

web gal lily exc orchidI love designing prints and I love turning the fabric into something to wear. If I could successfully combine my two passions of designing and dancing, how happy would I be !

web georgia candy copy

Candi in a ‘Georgia’ skirt, in an exclusive print.

As a way of showing my designs, I’ve taken a Tanda ( 3 dances ) from a Milonga ( an evening of Tango ) and my models have danced my clothes around the room.

On July 6th I had my first ‘Fashion Tanda Interlude’ at Tango Stoke’s monthly Milonga my regular Tango class. The evening was great and allowed me to make mistakes in a warm environment supported by all my friends, thank you.

The following Friday at Tango Manchester’s Summer Ball I felt better prepared.

hazel mcnab flier with swatch

Table fliers with fabric swatches

manchester event

Event artwork for Tango Manchester’s Summer Ball

With 8 lovely women, 4 handsome men, a little fashion walk choreography and beautiful dancing they couldn’t have made my clothes look more gorgeous, thank you.

manchester tanda denista

Denista and Dino dancing at the Manchester Tanda

manchester tanda agi paris

Agi and Paris dancing at the Manchester Tanda

There will be some video footage but for now here’s some great photo’s from photographer Mark Hemingway.

manchester agi orchid skirt blue top


manchester denista dino attitude


manchester julia shell top


manchester alina blk skirt kick


manchester Bo cream top


mancheter agi black rose full length


    The fashion Tanda is a great way to show my designs.

The next two Milonga’s where you will be able to see my work are

Sheffield Tango Argentino’s –  Tango Summer Milonga Sheffield on the 17th August

Learning Tango’s Milonga – Mill Hill London on the 7th September.

I have a website here  it’s not quite finished but if you want to see more of my designs please have a look, for any information or to commission a design please get in touch

hazel website

As well as an exclusive range of prints, I will have a recognisable signature range of prints like the red rose on the black, and a range of solid colour garments.

plain colour

solid colour designs to complement the prints

I want my exclusive prints to be valued as the works of art they are and I’m keeping the print run very small.

rose poppy black elderflower

rose poppy black elderberry exclusive print

I believe it’s important for a woman to walk into a room feeling gorgeous,

and confident no one else will be wearing what she is wearing.


inspired to wear

eliza deacon vaseInspiration … I love this photograph  by Eliza Deacon  not the flowers, but their shadow !

H rose jarwhat an intriguing idea…

H grasses jarH grasses lgsH sweetpea jar3H cow parsleylovely effects, shapes, blurs and focuses. Subtle colours and a softness.

H shadow textile150with a little help from photoshop, a textile design ready to be digitally printed onto silk.

H my fabricfabric to pin to my stand, ooooh I love these blues.

blue shadow top on stand copyH FIzoe2and… Ta da, a lovely easy to wear, light to dance in lace up the back top,

Oh and look you can buy it in my Etsy shop

 follow my fashion inspirations on facebook at H by Hazel McNab

Yey !! I did it …

My Fashion Show

3rd May at The Bear steps Art Gallery, Shrewsbury.

Excited, yes… but too busy to be nervous.

10 mins to go and 2 models missing and no prizes for guessing which ones.

zoe rach backstageok so they made up for it with gorgeousness when they got dressed.

So here we go…

…apologies for a very long post but I wanted to document the whole event.

Group 1 the Aquas

The fabulous Katja set the pace for the next 30 mins,

sexy, smooth and…with Nath’s music it was a… will they, won’t they…

just… start dancing…moment all the way through…

kat 1cLooking totally gorgeous in a turquoise blue shiny satin, wrap round skirt. My Scottish shells, collected and painted from the beach at Kilmory ( previous blog post) came out so well on the silk in this printed lace up back top with peonys.
jes2The elegant Jess in a black satin, side flare Tango skirt, and yes the side flare worked. The same shell/peony print but a different style top, this one a halter neck.

pic3Zoe slightly self conscious but maintaining her usual cool attitude, looked stunning in my Indigo ‘aquilegia flower’, asymmetrical skirt and square tie top.

and, the ethereal Vicki finished the first group in a Chinese flower devoree, aqua velvet, backless dress with low front hem line.

Group 2 was my bright group

brights4With limitless energy and enthusiasm, Shirley certainly worked that floor  – Sashaying that shiny fuschia pink, satin wrap round skirt with matching satin halter neck top. ( and with her own perfect shoes xx)

Katja did perfect justice to my ‘bonded rose’, full swirly skirt with side dipping hem. ( I so love this happy bright print ) Looking good with the bright red satin top with orange ribbon tie waist.

bright 2bRachael, a little daunted looked exquisite in a midnight, wrap round skirt, and printed halter neck top.

Vicki swished and swirled my ‘coral floral shell’ printed skirt down the catwalk with it’s little matching halter neck top.

coral textile

Group 3 The sexy soft off the shoulder tops

the T'sa break from the printed silks with an easy informal tops for jeans group.

Perfect for dance work shops, slouching around and practicas.

Group 4 – Golden influences

golden4Shirley looked great in the busy Chatsworth inspired print as a skirt and halter neck top.

Katja looked amazing in the olive and red version of my aquilegia print, and so she should as I designed this print especially for her.

The gold dress looked fab on Rachael and Zoe caught the light in gold satin.

Group 5 miscelaneous

I cheated a bit in the next group and put in some of my favourite pieces from my MA collection, the laser cut top and the dressing gown which took me forever to create the fabric, dying, devore and discharging the velvet but it does look so good.

kat dressing gownI was really pleased at how well this ‘sand tide’ digital print, came out.

rach sandA silk asymmetrical skirt and halter neck top straight from the beach.

and then she did… I suppose it was inevitablevicki dance2out came the dancing… Vicki in another MA print skirt, with a black silk square tie top with gold hand beaded strap by Jane Dearman.

Group 6 Red and Black

I saved my ‘dark sand rose’ print for the last group

blk and red rosesJess looked divine in the printed halter neck top with a black skirt. Shirley wiggled in a bright red tailed pencil skirt. Zoe made me feel proud in the ‘dark sand rose’ silk side flare Tango skirt, with the bright red satin top, and Vicki looked great in the red velvet backless ‘Chinese flower’ devoree dress.

vicki red 3I was so pleased with how it all went and I can’t thank my models enough, they showed my clothes off beautifully, who would believe none of them had ever done anything like it before and how nervous they really were.

BS21and YES we can do it again I’m setting up some dates xxx

I’m also photographing and putting up the garments individually to order online asap, and will put up the link and info on here next week.

Fashion’s a beach

Kilmory beach West Coast of Scotland on one of those glorious bright February days. Luckily my parents live up near here so when i visit them, this is one of my favorite places to go. That’s Jura in the background.
kil beach 3Heaven for the dogs… and yes us too. It’s a small remote beach and we often have it all to ourselves.

kil beach2What’s this got to do with fashion? well… uplifting, soul brightening, pattern creating, heart filling pure inspiration…

kil water sun2and sun. Beautiful patterns playing in the water.

kil water sun bright

kil sand paterns2I watched the tide as it dragged the fine grains of broken seaweed backwards and forwards across the beach.

Textured stripes and the beginning of a textile design…Oh and look, if I break them up, overlap them, when i cut and sew them the make up of the garment will be confused by looking more complex than it is… ( noisy head, always looking for patterns)

she textile 5I collected shells to paint, so pretty in their silver mother of pearl, pinks and blues.shells

I love this brown fine liner I’m converted, I usually use black.

shelagh textiles 6I added peonies to the shells

Shelagh textile 4I added roses to the dark stripes.

My print designs have been sent to Glasgow to be digitally printed onto silk, and I’m waiting…  I’m so excited to see these flat designs transformed into liquid, fluid fabrics. To spread them over my cutting table, to cut them, sew them, and see them dancing on bodies.

fashion show poster